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Wednesday, 13 February 2013


A Review On Taximize

Maximizing your tax refund should be the top priority for your tax preparer. A savvy tax professional will accomplish this by following all IRS guidelines so as to avoid scrutiny. This is critical because a refund followed by an audit causes can cause a tax payer to go from joy to pain overnight. Therefore, when looking for the right tax professional, evaluate their credentials and ask for a reference or two.

The Chicago marketplace has welcomed the professionalism and customer first approach that taximize Chicago has provided.  Located at 400 W. 76th Street on Chicago’s South Side, the taximize team consists of CPA’s, enrolled agents, and seasoned tax preparers who have left other shops which lacked a customer centric approach Search Taxamize.

In addition to having staff that know the IRS tax code inside and out, taximize has a low fee guarantee that immediately puts their customers at ease.  Anyone that brings in last year’s tax return from any of the other major tax preparation franchises, will automatically receive a lower fee at taximize.  There are no inflated fees and $50 cash back as some are widely advertising.  And there’s no person jumping up and down on the street corner dancing away to get your business. The vast majority of tax professionals do not want to be a part of that kind of schtick.

Taxamize Chicago

It is very important to have an accountant, accounting firm or tax preparer that cares.  David Essex understands this. It was his vision and his determination to give all of his customers a maximum return, a guaranteed low fee, and a vacation, that has led to taximize Chicago to be the talk of the town.

The fiscal cliff crisis impacted 150 million US taxpayers by causing delays and uncertainties in the 2013 Tax filing season.  Because of numerous changes to the Internal Revenue Tax code, the IRS pushed back the first day to electronically file (e-file) individual taxes to January 30, 2013 from the previously established date of  January 22, 2013.  Many tax preparation offices like taximize St. Louis reached out to their customers to inform them that this tax filing season was going to be different than most.


“The federal court ruling has created a bit of chaos within the tax preparation industry”, explained Darren Washington, Executive Director of  Taximize St. Louis.  “This is one of those situations where buyer beware applies.  You may walk into one of our competitor’s tax preparation offices and find individuals that were washing cars two weeks ago, and now due to the court injunction, they are eligible to handle all of your personal information and attempt to interpret the tax code to try to reduce your tax liability.”

All of these changes bring about a level of uncertainty in the marketplace, and to some degree, a level of stress as well.  That’s why at taximize, we wanted to be able to remedy this stress.  As a result we are passionate about providing great customer service, and offering tax preparation services at an affordable price.  
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